CAMARG – Cluster of innovative zero-km Agrofood MARketplace for Growth 


CAMARG Objectives

  1. Test a brand new web-based service to support clusters of small local producers of agrofood
  2. Facilitate organizing of supply networks capable of daily delivering of the selected food to the consumers
  3. Help small producers compete with the mass retail business model
  4. Help development of a tech solution for high-quality zero-km agrofood suitable to be configured and adapted to fit the specific needs of every territory in the European MED area


Expected Results

  • Agrofood electronic Marketplace software platform made accessible in Software-as-a-service mode as leverage for cluster innovation
  • Km-zero agrofood electronic market new business and governance model
  • Clustering enlargement programme for innovation in km-zero agrofood sector


Andalucia Smart City Cluster is a full partner in Interreg Mediterranean CAMARG Project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund