Telemedicine, one of the main bets of insurance companies and companies to improve the quality of life of workers

“Prevents 9 out of 10 trips to primary care centers, absences or unnecessary infections and offers peace of mind, which has a very positive impact on the well-being and quality of life of employees,” says the director of EVER HEALTH

25 Feb 2020

Spanish companies and insurance companies, “increasingly aware of the need to improve the well-being and quality of life of their workers, are betting on making a medical service available to them throughout their working hours, and this is possible thanks to the telemedicine ”.

Telemedicine -medical medical and professional care– offers numerous advantages, “it avoids trips, absences or unnecessary contagions and offers tranquility, which has a very positive impact on well-being in the workplace,” according to Rafael García, CEO of EVER HEALTH. , in the Foro Resources HR program, directed by Fran García Cabello on Capital Radio.

In addition, “clients who trust us open a 100% external channel to the company, where workers are attended by a team of medical professionals who offer a 360º service, both family medicine and nutrition and psychology.” In this sense, García explained, companies are taking more and more steps “to care for the happiness of their employees, since it has been shown that a happy employee works at the highest level and performance.”

“We are more and more people and less companies and the trend is towards the humanization of services. The services we give people, our doctors take care of our patients in all areas and our technology is just the tools through which we offer this service. ”

The CEO of EVER HEALTH assures that “with the technology that exists today we can take medicine anywhere in the world and with quality and proximity, which shows the fact that we are treating patients in 83 countries around the world thanks to the service that we offer together with the Royal Automobile Club of Spain – RACE ”.

With EVER HEALTH when a worker needs to make a medical consultation, they can easily and immediately access a doctor through the advanced telemedicine kit installed in the center, which includes an examination chamber, a pulse oximeter, thermometer, sphygmomanometer and a digital phonendoscope. that allows remote monitoring in real time and prescribing treatments, which “makes it easier for a person to go to a medical center when they really need it.”

A worker, added Garcia, “usually takes two or three days to see a doctor from the start of symptoms of any pathology, but with a medical service in the workplace, they can recover much earlier, in fact, an early diagnosis it is the best way to combat complications”

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EVER HEALTH, we innovate to take care of you

EVER HEALTH, is the leading company in medical technology services born from the need to connect doctors with patients at the time the need arises and from anywhere. Present in Spain and Latin America, it has a team of specialists with recognized experience whose main objective is to ensure the health and well-being of people at any time and place, engaging in all evolutionary needs: physical, psychological and nutritional health.

EVER HEALTH medical services employ an advanced telemedicine kit, which includes an examination chamber, a pulse oximeter, a sphygmomanometer and a digital stethoscope that allows remote monitoring in real time and prescribing treatments, which allows offering a complete and innovative service to take care of health.

It provides its medical services through KIDSCARE, a reference in nursery schools and colleges in Spain; and PEOPLECARE aimed at companies, individuals and insurance companies.

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