Wellness TechGroup participates with its technology in the Rota smart city project

Amaia, the IoT & BigData Platform, will be the technology responsible for managing the verticals aimed at improving the management of public services of MODUS ROTA.

Sep 20, 2019

On September 9, the signing of the Rota City Council contract with the company Aura Energía for the supply of 100% renewable energy took place. In it, the mayor, Javier Ruiz Arana and the company manager, Jordi Soler, have formalized the agreement thanks to which all the electricity consumed by the municipal company MODUS ROTA will come from 100% renewable energy sources. In this way Rota advances in its commitment to the environment and its smart and sustainable city project. As a result of this technological collaboration between the City Council of Rota, Aura Energía and Wellness TechGroup the road to Smart City begins, led by the municipal society Mobility and Sustainable Urban Development, Modus Rota S.L. formerly known as Aremsa.


Objectives of the Smart City of Rota project


The cornerstone of this project is the use of clean energy in all supply points managed by MODUS ROTA, among which are public buildings, WWTP and Tertiary, EBARs, Clean Point, parking de la Merced, and dependencies related to beach services, among others. However, the success of the proposal is not only based on using clean energy but also on the technological commitment that will allow the implementation of SMART solutions such as Amaia Platform, WeLight Smart Lighting and WeSave Smart Energy developed by Wellness TechGroup.

Although Rota has already taken some steps to modernize its public lighting infrastructure, by undertaking the replacement of the old LED luminaires in some sectors of the town, now with the incorporation of the WeLight solution it lays the foundations to create a Smart project Scalable lighting with the ability to incorporate future sensors and data collection sources that allow Rota to become a Smart City.

Ciudad Inteligente de Rota

Likewise, thanks to WeSave, the city council will be able to analyse the data provided by the monitoring of energy consumption and other environmental parameters in buildings and public infrastructures, thus being able to analyse and detect where deviations are occurring, as well as act by implementing behaviour and use policies .

Amaia, the IoT & BigData Platform, will be the technology responsible for managing the verticals aimed at improving the management of public services. It is a Big Data technology with AI that converts data from multiple sources, assets, processes, people and systems into actionable intelligence to achieve optimization and efficiency in all types of organizations.


Project Evolution


The Big Data platform, Amaia, will be the support of the verticals that will be implemented in Phase 1 of the smart city project of the Cadiz town (Platform, Lighting and Energy) and the base of those that may be added in the future. Thanks to the correlation of data and predictive analysis, public managers will be able to anticipate consumption and use patterns that help improve the service provided to citizens and allow the generation of new quality ratios.

The aim of the session is ambitious and aims to turn Rota into a reference in terms of policies and actions related to Smart Cities and smart tourist territories that will revolve around 4 lines of action that will be Clean Destination, Safe City, Sustainable Mobility and Tourist City in Phase 2.

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