Innovative Winegrowers Convene in Portugal on June 6th to Drive Sustainable and Profitable Vineyard Management

Santarem Fair Hosts Exclusive Precision Agriculture Day in Collaboration with Life+ WineGRover Project

29 de mayo de 2023

WineGRover, an ambitious initiative funded by the European Union, is set to bring together a trans-European consortium comprising three associations of innovative entities, including Spain's esteemed Smart City Cluster. This strategic collaboration, pooling diverse expertise from the wine and technology sectors, aims to tackle the pressing challenges facing the viticulture industry in grape production and its environmental impact.

Mark your calendars for June 6th as Santarem, the charming Portuguese city, sets the stage for an enlightening event amidst the grandeur of the National
Agriculture Fair. This gathering promises to offer a unique opportunity to stay abreast of the latest advancements in Precision Agriculture, focusing on cutting-edge techniques, devices, and solutions.

What can attendees expect from this esteemed gathering?

Vision of an imminent future: WineGRover's primary objective is to assess and showcase the remarkable potential of Precision Agriculture in viticulture, seeking to minimize pesticide usage, optimize fertilizer quantities, and reduce energy consumption.

Comparative Analysis: Rigorous evaluations will be conducted to ascertain the efficiency of the WineGRover system vis-à-vis traditional methodologies. Pilot programs in Italy and Spain will serve as tangible evidence of the substantial benefits attainable through this innovative approach.

Economic and Environmental Advantages: WineGRover places a keen emphasis on determining the economic viability thresholds and environmental benefits of Precision Agriculture through robust analytical models based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Expect significant reductions in production costs coupled with a notable decrease in environmental impact.

Expansion and collaboration: WineGRover aims to disseminate its findings widely, promoting the adoption of standardized interventions for Precision Agriculture application across the grape production cycle. The project aspires to extend its transformative influence to vineyards throughout the European Union, including prominent wine-producing nations such as Portugal, France, Romania, Greece, and Germany.

This event represents a unique opportunity to continue advancing in an agricultural revolution that – for the first time – does not alter the environmental surroundings or the nature of crops and food; the first one that achieves better productivity results while maintaining a focus on excellent quality through intelligent information management.

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