New aid to boost self-consumption and energy efficiency in SMEs

3.7 million will be allocated for self-supply in homes, businesses and public buildings and 4.3 million for SMEs to save energy.

Oct 1, 2019

The Andalusian Energy Agency, an entity attached to the Ministry of Finance, Industry and Energy, has reopened its line of incentives for Sustainable Construction of the Program for sustainable energy development of Andalusia for the use of solar energy from which individuals can benefit , companies and public entities, as well as grants specifically aimed at SMEs that seek to encourage savings and energy efficiency in their buildings, as published by the Official Gazette of the Junta de Andalucía (BOJA)..

The Andalusian Government will allocate an additional eight million euros to boost these two measures, which were closed because they had exhausted their entire initial budget, by reprogramming the ERDF funds destined to decarbonize the economy. The objective is to optimize the available sources of financing to the maximum, prioritizing those with high demand among the Andalusian population and high incidence in terms of energy efficiency and the use of more sustainable sources in the region, key elements to face the challenge of transformation of the Andalusian energy system, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Aid for self-consumption, which is now extended with an additional 3.7 million euros, has been one of the most requested within the Sustainable Construction line, which led to the depletion of funds available to SMEs in August 2018 and January this year for individuals and local entities.

Among all the beneficiaries (citizens, small and medium enterprises, autonomous professionals and local entities) incentives have already been granted for 1,384 installations for self-consumption with solar energy (thermal or photovoltaic), which implies the commitment of almost 16.4 million euros and an investment generated in the region of 35 million euros. Of these, 89% correspond to installations with photovoltaic solar energy connected to the electricity grid, which allow us to self-consume the clean energy that we generate, helping us to reduce the electricity bill. These have meant an incentive amount of 11.97 million euros with an associated investment of 26.9 million euros, with 72% of the beneficiaries being citizens.


With the reopening of incentives to use solar energy, the Board will allocate a total of more than 23 million euros to the promotion of self-consumption in buildings in Andalusia.


On the other hand, given the importance of SMEs for the productive fabric in the autonomous community, the Andalusian Government will also provide, with an additional 4.3 million euros, the incentives to support companies so that they can reduce their bill energy and, therefore, to improve their competitiveness by making savings and energy efficiency investments in their buildings.

These grants were in great demand, which meant the depletion of available funds in June 2018 and, through it, incentives have been granted for 627 actions aimed at reducing demand or energy consumption, amounting to 12 million of incentive that generate an investment of 29 million euros.

Among all the actions supported by SMEs, 35% are aimed at achieving greater savings by improving indoor and outdoor lighting; the actions to improve the thermal insulation of the building represent 39% in terms of the amount of the associated incentive.

Thus, in total, 17 million euros will be allocated for Andalusian SMEs to energetically improve their buildings during the 2017-2020 period, which represents an important boost to the Andalusian productive fabric by the Board.

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