The Smart City Cluster trains more than a hundred unemployed in smart city management

Completed the course on responsible and circular management of urban waste, and the sustainable mobility course is underway.

26 May 2020

The Smart City Cluster has trained more than a hundred unemployed people in the skills necessary to work in smart and sustainable cities, after receiving online training in courses on responsible management and circulation of urban waste, and sustainable mobility.

The students, enrolled in the training program for smart cities Smartec, have followed a training plan, started last April, of 60 hours duration in which they have deepened in topics such as personal brand, business models, project financing , telecommuting, linkedin, networking, waste reuse, circular economy, waste management and treatment systems, future trends in zero waste, sustainable urban mobility plans, solutions and measures for sustainable mobility or mobility of the future.

The teaching team of each course, made up of professionals with extensive experience in the aforementioned training areas, has offered students a transversal and multidisciplinary vision of city management taking into account the various actors and perspectives.

Upcoming formations

The Smart City Cluster will teach a new course on Intelligent Tourism that will begin on June 8 and there are few places left to fill. The seminar, online and totally free, will address key concepts of smart tourism with analysis of strategies, actions and tools to bring sustainability closer to smart tourist destinations.

Aimed at unemployed people residing in Andalusia, those interested can register on the Smart City Cluster website. Preference will be given to women’s groups, people up to 35 years old, over 45 years old, immigrants or groups residing in protected rural areas.

In addition, the Cluster has scheduled another training action on Smart Building that will take place from June 22, for residents of Extremadura. Bioclimatic architecture, smart buildings and the systems associated with them such as energy and water saving or home automation are some of the contents of this course.

Know the advantages of being associated

Smart City Cluster enhances collaboration among its partners, favoring research, development and innovation in the different solutions and technologies aimed at the development of smart cities.

Smart City Cluster is an alliance of private companies and institutions that work for the development of smart cities.


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