Andalucía Smart City and the Alhaurín el Grande City Council will promote smart city actions

January 17, 2019.- The mayor of Alhaurín el Grande (Málaga), Toñi Ledesma, and the president of the Andalusia Smart City Cluster, Mariano Barroso, have signed this morning a collaboration framework agreement to promote actions in the municipality that make it possible to move forward in the smart city model, understood as more efficient, sustainable and comfortable for citizens.

The agreement includes as a joint work base the contribution of solutions in the fields of mobility, energy efficiency, the environment and citizen management platforms, with the contribution not only of the Andalusian cluster itself but also of the knowledge and innovation generated by the companies and technological centers of Andalusia.

Likewise, the agreement contemplates the promotion of innovation in products, processes and services associated with smart urban infrastructures, the strengthening of bidirectional communication between the town hall and citizens, the implementation of pilot projects of new technologies and smart processes. city, the revaluation of the natural and cultural attractions of the city through technological solutions and the promotion of training activities and organization of events related to intelligent urban infrastructures, among other aspects.

The mayor, Toñi Ledesma, stressed that “with the signing of this agreement, Alhaurín el Grande joins the select group of Andalusian cities committed to sustainable urban development and integrated in areas such as environment and resource efficiency, low economy in carbon or social inclusion, where the use and quality of ICTs and public-private collaboration systems can offer us innovative solutions for our present and immediate future. This is another important step in the project “Alhaurín el Grande 2025, integrative culture” that has already received the support and recognition of the European Social Fund ”.

For his part, the president of the Andalusia Smart City Cluster, Mariano Barroso, said that “through the Cluster, we deepen the fruitful relationship started months ago with the town of Alhaurín el Grande, which stands out for its interest and firm commitment in applying urban management and efficiency technologies in the municipality advancing in its development as a smart city ”.

At the same time, Mariano Barroso has accentuated the economic impact that in cities and towns has the application of smart city solutions not only in cost savings to the municipal coffers but also as generating employment and business opportunities for the local business fabric.

About Andalucía Smart City

Andalucía Smart City is an alliance of Andalusian companies and institutions that work in the development of smart cities, understood as efficient, sustainable and comfortable, through the cooperation of the associated entities, among which are private companies, universities, town halls and sectoral organizations, among other entities in the field not only business but also research, development and innovation.

The projects that Andalusia Smart City addresses are aimed at generating employment and wealth in the cities themselves by improving business competitiveness, promoting business opportunities and creating new markets, products and services.

Andalucía Smart City acts in the development of projects that revert to the improvement of the habitability, comfort and quality of life of citizens of any Andalusian urban nucleus, regardless of their size, through R & D & I projects, in order to build better cities, with a greater degree of environmental sustainability and with a more efficient management of resources.
The multisectoral, integrative and cooperative character of Andalucía Smart City leads it to bring together entities from different fields that operate in favor of cities such as energy, the environment, urban infrastructure, information and communication technologies, Urban mobility or citizen administration.

The Cluster has been recognized as an Innovative Business Group (AEI), by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, since May 2015.

Know the advantages of being associated

Smart City Cluster enhances collaboration among its partners, favoring research, development and innovation in the different solutions and technologies aimed at the development of smart cities.

Smart City Cluster is an alliance of private companies and institutions that work for the development of smart cities.


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