The Life+ WineGRover project presents its progress at the Centro Integral del Vino in Ronda (Malaga, Spain)

Last Friday 13th May, an event took place in Ronda where members of the project from Italy and Spain presented their latest results to winegrowers and students of Advanced Technician in Viticulture.

17 May 2022

The objective of the event was to show the advantages of the application of innovative technologies in vineyards, through agronomic plant management and the strategies available to maximise grape quality and increase resilience to pesticides and diseases, as well as in adapting to climate change.

Throughout the event, different members of the consortium, made up of entities from Italy (University of Tuscia, CREA, SETEL, Luiss), Spain (Smart City Cluster, Wellness TechGroup) and Portugal (Innova+), showed their respective lines of work and their results. Rodrigo Nieme Val, owner of Bodegas Conrad, hosted the event in which, after an introduction to the event by the Smart City Cluster, canopy management strategies for climate change adaptation were presented (Andrea Rengo, University of Tuscia), sustainable water and soil management in the vineyard was discussed (Pascuale Cirigliano, CREA), the basics of data management platforms for smart agriculture were presented (Pablo Sanchez and Jose Antonio Sanchez, Wellness TechGroup) and finally, the monitoring of vineyard condition with ground rovers was introduced (Eduardo de Francesco, SETEL).

The project, which began in September 2020, has had a first testing phase in a vineyard located in Italy (Cottarella Family) which has been continued in Spain with the installation of a set of sensors in the Conrad Winery (Ronda) last April. Work is currently underway on the development of the IoT platform that will be responsible for collecting and processing this data, and at the end of this year field tests of the terrestrial rover will begin in this same vineyard.

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