Neuratum signs an agreement with ATKI for the Scandinavian market

Neuratum signs a collaboration agreement with ATKI company for Smart City and Artificial Vision projects in Scandinavia.

8 Jun 2021

Expansion of the European market

Neuratum has a new partner for the Scandinavian market. The ATKI company will be the distributor of Neuratum products and partner in the execution of Artificial Intelligence projects applied to Smart City, as well as projects in the private sphere to offer solutions in conjunction with the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Vision.

ATKI, based in Denmark, was established in 2004 and is one of the leading providers and installers of traffic counting and road safety solutions in the country. The partnership with Neuratum is part of the company’s efforts to expand its vehicular counting and statistical capabilities outside the road networks, to include people counting in pedestrian streets, urban spaces and indoor environments.

Smart City Projects

Neuratum will support ATKI with its Artificial Intelligence technology applied to Smart cities in projects across Denmark, Norway and Sweden:

·       Vehicle traffic analytics for Smart cities (counting, directions & classification)

·      Pedestrian flow analytics for Smart cities. (counting & directions)

·      Control of passenger occupancy in urban buses or trams for Smart cities.

·      Capacity control on beaches using AI

·      Capacity control in public and private swimming pools using AI

·      Capacity control in squares and public spaces using AI

·      Capacity control of outdoor parking using AI

·      Capacity control in concerts, fairs or big events using AI


Other projects with solutions based on Artificial Vision

Neuratum and ATKI are working on bringing solutions to the Scandinavian market that integrate Artificial Intelligence technology, Artificial Vision and Big Data with technologies such as Lidar, Web and Mobile applications, Business Intelligence applications, among others, to offer packaged solutions in different sectors:

·         Professional Sports Competition

·         Security

·         Customer Experience Improvement

·         Study of Customer Behaviour

·         Other solutions for Retail.

With this collaboration agreement, Neuratum continues its expansion in the European market. The Spanish start-up wants to accelerate its technological development and international growth, positioning itself as one of the leading startups in Artificial Intelligence technology in Europe, to help the growth of the use of these technologies by cities and private entities, improving security and service quality to citizens, clients, or users.

Know the advantages of being associated

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