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Manufacturer of technological solutions, through the mechanization, molding and transformation of the metal for the integration of all types of electronic and computer components that solve problems such as protection, ergonomics or mimetization in the environment, to facilitate the use of technology in unattended spaces both indoors (indoor) and outdoors, (outdoor).


Main Smart Cities services

Single or double-sided LED display with up to 4 different configurations ranging from 6 Pitch to the most demanding definition outside with 3mm Pitch, making visible more than 10,000 hours of uninterrupted life. It has a clamp to be easily attached to a lamppost or a fixed post. It has an IP 65 protection and two doors with security lock for maintenance.
eBus Xtrem
The Mupi has a 65 ”IP65 LCD plus a seat with a visor to make the traveler’s wait more comfortable. The canopy is optional, with a luminous 90 mm LEDs and a horizontal screen that has the option to make it interactive with foil touch technology.

In addition, it contains an intelligent cooling system to keep the screen at an optimal temperature on the other hand, it contains two rear doors with safety locks for maintenance.

A very versatile totem with countless utilities to serve the “Smart City”. From an efficient and modern LED street lamp with static panels or QR identifiers, even to provide services to the citizen in an open space without surveillance. Its most common applications are indoor and outdoor information point, outdoor parkimeter, industrial parks, bicycle parking and for the bus.
Chassis and structures for Led displays with the desired dimensions, through a metal cabin or in an interior or exterior structure.

For vertical spaces such as shop windows, buildings, etc … where a standing stand is not necessary, modules protected with several chassis or cabins with specific dimensions are configured, grouping several 256 x 256 cm Led displays to occupy the desired surface taking into account the desired surface if its maintenance is going to be front or rear since the structure is different.

Mupi single or double side LED display. Digital Signage in Large Format.

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Smart City Cluster is an alliance of private companies and institutions that work for the development of smart cities.


Office: C/ Severo Ochoa 4, 4ª Planta, Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, 29590 Málaga
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