About Setesur

Setesur is a company created in 1988, with completely private capital. Constituted by a qualified group of professionals in the telecommunications sector, specialized in solutions for our clients, accompanying them from the design, implementation of the solution and subsequent maintenance during the life cycle of the project. Using the most advanced technology, devoting special attention to the total satisfaction of our customers, constant training of human resources and, in short, bringing new technologies to the end user have been the main axes of the company’s action since its inception.


Principales servicios de Smart Cities

Smart tourist destinations
Through the use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT or Big Data, Setesur offers advanced and sustainable solutions to develop turnkey projects and transform unique ecosystems into innovative, technological, sustainable and accessible tourist destinations. We have systems for sustainability in cities, guaranteeing citizen security for residents and visitors, increasing the interaction of tourists with local commerce and improving mobility management.
Urban traffic
For traffic Setesur offers the following services: application of video analytics to traffic and mobility, observation, classification and quantification of traffic, videowall, stitching multiple cameras, augmented reality, facial recognition, license plate reading and forensic search.
Mass Event Management

Intended to be able to provide:

  • Influx of personnel and capacity in real time in buildings and spaces of interest…
  • Quantify the flows of people on public roads.
  • Biodynamics of events and mass movements.
  • Automatic incident detection.
  • Have panoramic images of the main points of interest.

Smart lighting
The new models of exploitation of public lighting installations are a reality in recent years and the implementation of our systems help to: Decrease electricity consumption, maintenance costs and greenhouse gases, improve the quality of light, Increase the life of the luminaires. Through the application of the public lighting video analytics we can detect vehicles and regulate the illumination of vials and roundabouts. Smart cameras in turn detect people and regulate the lighting of parks, sports facilities, public squares or unsafe areas.
Smart Building Management
Smart Buildings or Smart Buildings are those whose facilities and systems (air conditioning, lighting security, electricity, multimedia, etc.) allow an integrated and automated management and control, in order to increase energy efficiency, safety, usability and accessibility. Capacity control and sensorization are key elements for these infrastructures.

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