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About 3CS Economists

3CS Economistas is a Strategic Consulting that aims to achieve a better future for people and their environment. We design and execute strategic plans to get Pleasant Cities and Companies to live and work. We are committed to governance and participation to design smart territories and sustainable ecosystems: Smart Cities, Smart Industrial Parks, Connected Companies in the territory, etc.


Main Smart Cities services

Strategic plans

It is a process of organized collective reflection that facilitates the change in transitions to Smart City. It provides the assurance that there is a prioritization of consensus objectives, a working method that evaluates performance and ensures that the emphasis is placed on what is most important for the City.


We use Blockchain technology to ensure the traceability and transparency of your processes. The intelligent use of the Blockchain makes it possible to ensure democratic quality for a City or Institution, obtain a system with which to go beyond Corporate Social Responsibility and become a symbol to be imitated.

Smart Industrial Parks

We design Smart Industrial Park to get a space in the city with innovative companies that use joint planning, technology, infrastructure and talent to generate Competitive Advantages. We act on the basic infrastructure, the culture of entrepreneurship, efficiency, sustainability and economic management.

Economic Studies

We help you make good decisions. We combine data, experiences and knowledge to generate strategic proposals. We talk with people, we analyse reality, we reflect together on data and trends. We design strategies so that a sector can be competitive in the Global market.


We develop smart governance strategies. We analyze the decision-making processes and support systems to help their effective and efficient management, for a public or private institution. Our system accompanies organizations in that change, from process design, implementation and training, to strategy deployment.

Executive Strategic Consulting

Analysis, alignment and capillarization of organizational structures to define strategies that improve results and transform business reputation into added value. Anticipation of the future and connection of the company with the city and society through the Corporate Social Legitimation.

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Smart City Cluster is an alliance of private companies and institutions that work for the development of smart cities.


Office: C/ Severo Ochoa 4, 4ª Planta, Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, 29590 Málaga

Phone: 951 775 170
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