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About Allied Technologies

Atech brings together a group of companies and professionals that provide small and medium-sized companies with the solutions that large companies are developing. In this way, they help increase their productivity and competitiveness in the face of their competition. They have a wide range of collaborators capable of covering most of the ICT-related solutions.


Main Smart Cities services

Informatic support

Atech is responsible for proactive work, offering IT consulting services and with the mission of anticipating possible failures of the same infrastructure and thus ensuring the optimal functionality of the computer system. To do this they use software and hardware from multiple manufacturers to be able to carry out this work in each of their clients. Atech guarantees the most modern means and technologies to ensure that both internet connectivity and the local network are of the highest quality and adjusted to the needs of customers, at the same time apply all technologies and hardware advances to develop best practices facing different eventualities as well as relying on virtualization methods, backup and clouds, both hybrid and public and private. On the other hand, Atech facilitates the technological platform that allows the monitoring and delivery of courses of all types, not limited to the technological field.

Software Development

Atech offers the possibility of creating or renewing your web page, launching your commerce on the internet, making it easier for you to manage products, stocks, shipments and payments, as well as implementing the e-commerce payment gateways for complete transaction security. They are also responsible for managing the hosting on servers and domains of your web space, managing your professional email accounts and managing and implementing SSL security certificates for your website. On the other hand, it develops Android and iOS mobile application and carries out ERP and CRM business management.

Online marketing

Advise and execute your digital marketing strategy. They make an initial diagnosis of your business needs and prepare a digital action plan, also advising you on the offline advertising campaigns that your company needs. Customize your marketing strategy working with the branding of your brand, dealing with the final pieces, from your digital advertising to the development of small pieces for video or the creation of mail marketing campaigns, always adapting to the needs of your business.

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