The College of Technical Engineers of Public Works (CITOP) is a public law corporation, which groups the Technical Engineers of Public Works and Civil Engineers, has among its functions and objectives to provide a useful service to society through its collaboration and active cooperation with the different Public Administrations and Institutions, as well as with the companies of their professional field and of interest. Civil Engineering is constituted as one of the main agents of the value chain of a Smart City, since our professionals, in collaboration with others, have a great responsibility in the transformation and evolution of territories and cities to sustainable and intelligent environments, participating in all those support infrastructures in the city such as Urban Services, Transportation, Mobility or the Environment.
CITOP is aware of the opportunity represented by digital transformation and the adoption of new technologies for the transformation of the profession and the sector to which it belongs, considering the collaboration with other professions and sectors for research, development and innovation in the different solutions and technologies oriented to the development of smart cities. To this end, CITOP seeks to cooperate and establish alliances between companies and public institutions, convinced of being a key and strategic agent in the Smart ecosystem in everything related to Infrastructure, Urban Planning and in particular with Municipal Urban Services (Supply, Sanitation , Public Lighting, RSU, Road Cleaning, Parks, Urban Transport, etc.).


Main Smart Cities services

Knowledge and collaboration

CITOP offers its knowledge and collaboration to other companies and institutions to seek synergies and alliances to enhance our knowledge of the sector, especially in civil engineering, as well as learn and cooperate in projects in areas related to Smart City projects to offer them more comprehensive and transversal capacities on urban support systems and infrastructures in the city.

Institutional and professional value

CITOP can provide institutional and professional value to other companies in urban civil engineering knowledge and consulting in matters of Smart projects of territories and smart cities in collaboration with other partners, participating, collaborating and cooperating in projects that are mutual and reciprocal. interest.

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Smart City Cluster is an alliance of private companies and institutions that work for the development of smart cities.


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