About EasyPark

Easypark is a company of origin and parent company in Sweden, a technology company that develops its activity in response to and solutions to the Smart Mobility challenge. EasyPark provides digital value-added solutions in mobility making cities more intelligent and sustainable. Currently Easypark is present in 900 cities and in 13 countries in Europe.


Main Smart Cities services

EasyPark APP
It allows the user to carry out the parking, taking out a digital ticket and marking the parking time. The tool also allows: – Start, stop, extend parking always respecting the schedule and municipal ordinances – Information of the maximum time before starting the parking – History of parking done – Cancellation of complaints (prior integration with control systems). – Dual account to use the same telephone for private and business parking, etc.
Easy Control App

It allows:

– Control of parking lots made in the municipality.
– Complaint management: (Controller role or Administrator role).
– Communication with other systems.

Hub Platform

Own IT platform developed with the technical, communicative, payment, reliable / guaranteed security architecture and with the material means. This system is compatible with any platform and allows data to be exported to any City Council system. It enables them to have all the parking data, with which they will be able to know the real situation of what is happening in their municipality, carry out analyzes, issue reports that will improve mobility with the benefits that this entails in promoting local commerce and development and reduction of satellite traffic, congestion and CO2 emissions.

Mobility panel

In order to manage and visualize the data of the parking lots carried out in the municipality and combined in the HUB, a URL and credentials are provided to the City Council or Municipal Company, so that they can access the Mobility Panel, where they can download, consult in real time, and manage all the information related to car parks with the following functions:

– Manage user credentials
– Information on parking areas list format with access to: Pricing, area editing and revenue by area.
– Parking finder by date, area or by registration, time period, and parking operator exportable to Excel or PDF.
– Contact EasyPark directly

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