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Endesa is the leading company in the Spanish electricity sector and the second operator in the electricity market in Portugal. Its main business is the generation, distribution and sale of electricity, in addition to being a relevant operator in the natural gas sector and the development of other energy-related services.

It is also present in other European markets selling electricity and gas, as well as other value-added products and services (PSVA) related to its main business.

Endesa is a company that is committed to a more sustainable energy culture and is committed to actively contribute to the construction of an intelligent energy future.

Endesa is working to lead the technological transformation in which the energy sector is immersed. For this, it has a solid industrial position and the strength of belonging to a large multinational group, the Enel Group, since 2009.


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Endesa develops the activity of electricity generation (production of electricity) in the peninsular system and in the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and Ceuta and Melilla.

A total generation of 74,193GWh. Peninsular production stands out with an increase in hydroelectric production of 66.6% (8,339 GWh) compared to last year. Production in renewables and cogeneration increased by 11.3%, compared to 2017.

  • 61.338 GWH – Peninsular
  • 12.855 GWh – Non-Peninsular Territories.
Endesa distributes electricity in Spanish territory to more than 21 million consumers, bringing them electricity to the points of consumption. There are 319,613 km in distribution and transport networks and 117,029 GWh of distributed energy.
Endesa markets energy to its customers in the liberalized market of Spain and Portugal and to a lesser extent, in Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Endesa’s number of electricity customers reaches 10,754,000.
Endesa is a relevant operator within the natural gas sector in Spain. At the end of 2018 Endesa has a client portfolio in the conventional natural gas market of more than 1.6 million, which represents an increase of 2.8% compared to the number of customers last year. In addition, Endesa markets natural gas in France, Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany.
Endesa has a team of professionals dedicated to the markets of raw materials to help potential customers (companies exposed to the risk of energy commodities, such as renewable and cogeneration producers) to create value by taking advantage of their experience in trade and offering customized solutions.

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