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Envac is a Swedish environmental technology company that leads the industry of neutral waste collection worldwide. Invented this technology in 1960, its more than 1000 systems can be found on five continents in homes, hospitals, airports, shopping centers, industrial kitchens, offices, unique buildings, etc. Its systems adapt to the needs and functionalities that the Smart City proposed.


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Envac Systems
Pneumatic waste collection involves the conduction of garbage through an underground network of pipes from a dumping point (mailbox, gate or paper bin), to a collection center where the garbage is stored in closed containers, ready for disposal. Transportation to the treatment site.
One more infrastructure
The way in which cities solve the collection of waste, has a direct impact on the quality of life of citizens. It is essential that waste management be part of urban planning from the outset, when designing buildings, streets and public spaces, in order to create attractive and sustainable urban environments.
Hospital Waste
Envac addresses the transport system for dirty clothes and waste, with separate piping systems. In hospitals, Elderly Centers, etc., efficiency, hygiene and safety are the priorities in health care; Therefore, it is important to develop safe and reliable solutions that do not require physical contact with waste.
Wastebaskets that do not overflow
Overflowed bins that, due to the excess of garbage attract insects and produce bad smells, are a thing of the past. Thanks to the self-emptying system, the bins are emptied as soon as they are filled and the trash is transported under the city streets.
Offices, Airports
Shopping Centers, Markets and in all those places where large quantities of waste are generated, for the most part, plastic, paper-cardboard and organic containers, which have to be recycled later, the installation of an Envac system allows a more comfortable management and more efficient logistics of such waste. Foods carry hygienic risks in their transport and storage; For this there are several Envac solutions, in which the organic waste is transported under vacuum through pipes to different storage units, depending on what will be its later use.

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