About Eptisa

Eptisa is a multinational consulting and information technology engineering company with a clear focus on customer service, carrying out projects in Transportation, Water and Environment, Building, Energy and Industry and Institutional, Economic and Social Development; applying technical knowledge, creativity, innovation and the latest technologies to move towards a sustainable development of society that results in people’s well-being.


Main Smart Cities services

1. They provide their clients with global solutions that cover all phases of the project life cycle.

2. They offer a comprehensive Turnkey service, where a multidisciplinary team of experts will be available to you and your project to adapt the design to all your requirements and needs.

3. The network of accredited and registered laboratories available to them allows them to meet the requirements of their clients in civil construction, building, industry and the environment in several European countries

Consulting and Technical Assistance
Thanks to their experience of over 60 years with international organizations and public institutions in various countries, they offer a wide range of consulting and technical assistance services:
– Feasibility studies.
– Geotechnical and hydrogeological studies and reports.
– Analysis, tests and environmental studies (EIA, etc).
– Environmental and landscape integration of infrastructure.
– Management and planning of the territory.
– Generation of cartography, orthophoto and production of digital terrain models.
– Inspection and surveillance projects, quality control.
– Execution of cadastre and Land Regularization Programs.
– Instrumentation, auscultation and measurement of infrastructure.
Information technology
They are dedicated to consulting and developing innovative solutions for a wide variety of sectors through the use of technology aimed at improving the productivity and competitiveness of organizations. In the area of instrumentation and control, they are specialists in the integration of urban and civil works control systems.
Institutional strengthening
Eptisa is also specialized in institutional strengthening and capacity building of Public Authorities in sectors such as transport, water and the environment, etc. This allows its clients to develop sustainable knowledge to continue with the activities that have been carried out with assistance during the project implementation phase.

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