About Geype

The specialization in Engineering and Energy Management, the knowledge of several specialties and a multitude of sectors, the proximity to the client, a flexible organization and the ability to work at European level, due to the agreement with Kinect Energy Group make GE&PE services satisfy the needs that you and your organization demand, however demanding they may be.


Main Smart Cities services

Engineering services:
  • Agroindustrial area.
    Geype has carried out a multitude of projects, in important sectors such as olive, table fruits, meat.
  • Industrial area
    They have developed the needs and facilities in sectors such as steel, plastic materials, chemistry.
  • Renewable energy area
    They have worked on projects related to wind and photovoltaic solar energy.
  • Building facilities area
    The knowledge provided by the previous areas, allows them to tackle any type of installation in this area successfully, with the highest standards of quality and energy efficiency.
  • Hydraulic installations area
    The union of an extensive experience together with the most modern technologies, allow them to develop hydraulic projects, irrigation.
Energy management:
  • Energy portfolio management
    GE&PE Ingeniería, as experts in energy legislation, both electricity and gas, offers its knowledge in Spanish and Portuguese legislation so that the client can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the regulation and minimize their energy costs. It also offers a correct advice on the purchase of energy and a continuous monitoring of consumption and billing, allowing to improve those aspects that lead to the achievement of a lower energy cost
  • Energy efficiency
    They perform basic audits, whose function is to analyze the energy situation of the facilities and perform an estimation of potential savings opportunities and energy audits, to control and verify the performance of the internal processes of energy consumption, transformation and distribution.
  • SMAC – Monitoring system
    SMAC is an energy management system, which allows monitoring, managing alarms and making energy consumption reports with automated diagnostics in the facilities.

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