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About Grupo Afronta

The Afronta Group provides integral solutions for operators and marketers of technical networks offering planning, design, legalization, installation, optimization and integral maintenance certification of telecommunications and energy networks (electricity, photovoltaic, wind and energy efficiency). We are also developers of GIS tools designed as a solution for the design, control, provisioning and monitoring of telecommunications networks, as well as SmartCity and Smart Agro solutions.


Main Smart Cities services


Network Design

The transmission network must ensure connectivity from the core access network. Aware of this determining factor, we implement the most appropriate solutions for each context (fiber, radio links, rented lines, IP / Ethernet, etc.).

Key on hand

Project Management covering all the areas involved: Radio and Transmission design, site acquisition, license management, construction and facilities engineering, construction, installation and final integration of all elements in the Network



We install, when required, telecommunication equipment: transmission equipment (optical transmission, radio links, DWDM, headers, etc.), radio equipment (mobile network nodes, special designs, repeaters, wifi …), fixed network equipment (headers), distribution nodes, etc.)


Processing, monitoring and obtaining permits and licenses, from national, autonomous and municipal public bodies. Legal feasibility report of candidates. Audit on the legal status of sites, dialogue with Official Organizations and regularization of existing sites



Key on hand projects on renewable energy, with specialization in Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Thermal Solar Energy, Cogeneration and Certification.


Engineering of previous studies and with scope from the initial audit to the commissioning and subsequent maintenance of the facilities, offering the best quality standards and guarantees.


Projects management

Afronta’s commitment to project management allows us to successfully complete all stages of multidisciplinary projects, providing; Tender management, requirements study. (RFIs, RFQs.); Negotiation with customers and suppliers.; Outsourcing of middle management positions.

Network design

Afronta offers engineering consulting services, with professionals specialized in RF design and planning, radio optimization, transmission design and optimization, and FTTx design and planning.

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