About Metadata

MetaData is a company specialized in document management and access control of subcontractors. Our goal is to guarantee security and control in your company. It greatly facilitates the management of all documentation related to outsourcing and the presence control of its employees.


Main Smart Cities services

MetaContratas CAE- Document Management

It is a web application that greatly facilitates the management of all documentation related to outsourcing (companies, employees, machines, etc.) and that allows absolute control over all necessary documents in business coordination:

  • Documents related to Occupational Risk Prevention
  • Social Security
  • Tax Agency (AEAT), etc
MetaContratas CA - Access control
MetaContratas CA is an Access Control software that, integrated with a document management software, allows you to bring to reality the comprehensive control of employee access to work centres, allowing or denying access based on whether employees meet the established documentary requirements or not.
Access control hardware devices

To keep track of access to practice, the MetaContratas CA software is integrated with hardware devices, which, in addition to collecting the information of the files and transferring it to the software, may or may not be a physical barrier to the entry of employees, depending of the characteristics of each work centre (the form of access to the centre, if it has a limited perimeter or not, of the number of employees that access…).

  • Physical Barrier Device: Foot Winch and Windlass
  • Devices that do not pose a physical barrier: desktop, wall reader, biometric readers
MetaCard - Smart Personnel Identification Card
MetaCard is a variable identification card that shows dynamic information, updated daily, and that, being closely linked to MetaContratas CA software, allows you to know the suitability of workers to be in a certain work centre or perform a certain task.

MetaCard takes the information on the status of the documentation and on the fulfilment of the requirements directly to the employee, through its electronic ink screen, which shows updated information every time the employee files.

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