Scoobic is a 100% electric vehicle equipped with a system of removable batteries of only 9 kg of weight each unit, it can carry from 2 to 10 batteries depending on the autonomy of each customer needs, and its replacement by charged batteries is done in no more than 3 minutes, less than putting diesel and much cleaner. Equipped with a removable box on rails and wheels of 1000 liters capacity and up to 750 kg of load, customizable for frozen, cold, dry and compartmentalizable to the client’s desire.

Equipped with an articulated arm similar to the rudder of a self-propelled electric transpallet that allows you to handle it walking effortlessly through pedestrian streets to the same door of the client.

It mounts an ion electrofilter that allows to aspirate and clean-up of contaminating particles up to 20,000 cubic meters in 10 hours a day, not only does it not emit pollution, but clean the one that others emit, it is the first vehicle in the world to decontaminate the air.

It incorporates an automatic defibrillator that would save up to 75% of those infarcted if we reach it in the first 10 minutes, we have an APP developed by us, free download, so that any citizen can communicate with geolocation, the point where he has the infarction occurred, that signal will be communicated to the nearest SCOOBIC, which will interrupt its route, to try to save that life, and that would have absolute priority, a life is priceless.

And all this in a vehicle approved as an L5E / B tricycle, it is driven with a B card, it is only 90 cm wide. This is of utmost importance in the city, capable of loading up to 750 kg or 1000 liters, and extremely safe for the driver for having three wheels and an automatic accident warning device that locates and alerts the plant, as well as insurance with pedestrians. to be designed with very energy absorbing materials in case of abuse or impact.

Passion Motorbike Factory


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