About Sosteco

Sosteco is an expert technology company that helps the digital transformation of cities, industry and business. Members of the AENOR CTN178 committee. They provide services related to Information Technology (IT) and are specialized in the implementation and implementation of solutions in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor networks (WSN).


Main Smart Cities services

Water or electricity meter reading
Remote management and control of meters is based on the control and monitoring of meters, electrical, gas or water. With this, what is intended is to have an alarm and warning system as quickly as possible according to configurable parameters, thus being able to act at the root of the problem in a minimum time and improving maintenance and savings. In addition, parallel billing can be done to verify that everything is correct and know at what time and how often we have the consumptions.
Smart Irrigation Remote Management
Its system is based on an automatic irrigation control based on different parameters such as the incidence of the sun, pH, temperature, humidity … that will be obtained through a series of sensors. This is intended to reduce the cost of maintenance and control all valves and pipes. Improving and changing the critical parts of the installation will avoid long-term problems.
Smart lighting
It is a remote management system to monitor, control, measure and maintain lighting both public and private. Based on technologies designed for energy saving and standard communications, greater efficiency and energy savings, greenhouse gases are achieved, as well as improving exterior light and reducing maintenance costs.
Home automation and building automation for buildings and homes
Voice control, lighting, air conditioning – ventilation, consumption and security. KNX Partner
Virtual visits and VR experiences
Virtual reality at the service of culture and education.
Develop FIWARE applications, also make compatible and advise.
Free band radio networks
Specialists in radio technologies, ZigBee, LoRa, BLE, WiFi ..

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Smart City Cluster is an alliance of private companies and institutions that work for the development of smart cities.


Office: C/ Severo Ochoa 4, 4ª Planta, Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, 29590 Málaga

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