The purpose of these works is to focus on the emergency intervention on the Tower of Homage, together with the drafting and reports necessary to obtain the necessary permits for the stabilization intervention in the Tower of the Castillo de Luna in the Puebla de Cazalla of Sevilla.

The need to act as an emergency was seen to prevent the ruin of part of the tower and that with an immediate intervention of attachment and discharge, the partial stability of that area of the building can be ensured, which can otherwise collapse at any time.

TCA is responsible for this work of the survey and recognition of the tower in the affected area and which is the subject of this emergency intervention.

These survey works are fundamental for both the diagnosis prior to the intervention, the design of the necessary shoring structure and the archaeological paralysis to be carried out on the structure of the building prior to the intervention.

For this, techniques of classical topography, flight with different types of UAV (drones of different size) and 3D scanning using HDS (laser scanner) have been used to obtain all the necessary information for the subsequent development of the works of architectural integral survey, in order to begin the intervention that ensures the maintenance of the part of the tower that is at risk of collapse.

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