Green Mind

The Green mind project fosters the development of economic COMPETITIVENESS and INNOVATION in the GREEN AND SMART MOBILITY industry by reinforcing regional and transnational cooperation between businesses, research bodies and authorities.

Main Objectives

· Testing new market intelligence, public funding screening and B2B matchmaking  services for SMEs
· Building a transferable model of the aforesaid services for clusters and agencies
· Setting up a transnational innovation network involving authorities, industry and academia
· Delivering a policy support programme to mainstream the project results based on the Smart Specialisation Strategies of the involved regions

Project Methodology

The Green mind project develops three pilot services to enhance SMEs competitiveness and innovativeness. These pilots will be implemented and tested in 8 Mediterranean territorial contexts: Emilia-Romagna (Italy), Central Macedonia (Greece), Andalusia (Spain), Occitanie (France), Istria (Croatia), Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Podravska (Slovenia) and Split/Dalmatia (Croatia).

This transnational approach ensures a joint learning, knowledge sharing and capacity building process for innovation in the green and smart mobility industry.

All SMEs that are interested to be engaged in the future of mobility are argued to be part of the pilots, actively engaged in the pilot’s workshops, focus groups and feedback sessions, and become aware of the presented learning and practice material.

The three services will eventually shape a transferable business model applicable to every region.

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