The Municipality of La Puebla de Cazalla and the Smart City Cluster Andalusia have signed a collaboration agreement to develop actions in the field of smart cities, with the horizon set to increase sustainability and efficiency in the municipality of Seville.

The agreement, which has been signed by the mayor of La Puebla de Cazalla, Antonio Martin Melero, and by the president of the Andalusia Smart City Cluster, Mariano Barroso Flores, will facilitate the collaboration of both organizations in the development of policies and actions of common interest , as well as in the strategic planning of future development for the city, with special focus on electric mobility and the creation of a new business park with criteria of sustainability and zero CO2 emissions supported by the principles of Industry 4.0.

The actions included in the agreement also include encouraging innovation in products, processes and services associated with smart urban infrastructures; the implementation of pilot projects and concept tests of new technologies and smart city processes; advise on innovation opportunities; promote training activities; organize events for the promotion of the smart city; and collaborate in the actions of energy efficiency and renewable energies and promotion of the information society.

In this sense, the mayor of La Puebla de Cazalla, Antonio Martin, stressed the importance for the municipality to incorporate the principles of smart city, starting with the city’s strategy, which sets the course to be followed in the coming times.

For his part, Mariano Barroso, president of Andalusia Smart City, explained that it is very important for cities, whatever their size, «to work to provide better services to citizens and apply new technologies to this end, both in terms of mobility or energy as in citizen participation or the environment «.

Mariano Barroso has stressed that this is an opportunity for public administrations and for entrepreneurs in Andalusia «to create quality employment».

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