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President’s greeting

Miguel Ángel Romero ↗


Dear associate,

At our recent Board of Directors meeting on May 19th, a unanimous decision was made to entrust me with the responsibility of presiding over our shared cluster.

I want to begin by expressing my deepest gratitude to you and all those who contribute to this community dedicated to the development of smart and sustainable cities. Embracing collective intelligence is truly commendable, both for its extraordinary nature within the competitive business landscape and for the remarkable results we have achieved together over time.

Over the course of its nine-year existence, the Smart City Cluster has undergone a notable evolution. What began as a gathering point for technological companies has transformed into a national reference for various aspects, including promoting the Circular Economy, setting up the definition of the new Smart Territories, or public aid to the A.E.I.s. However, we mustn’t become complacent. As an associate of this innovative cluster, you are well aware of the rapid and unstoppable changes taking place.

Individually, we all strive to respond swiftly and act dynamically within this evolving context. From the outset, my goal as president will be to ensure that our association’s movements are agile, facilitating the circulation of ideas, experiences, and inspiration that we hold within.

While there are moments where progress may seem faster when going solo, as the proverb goes, “if you want to go far, go together.” I firmly believe that each member of our cluster contributes to our collective success. It is my intention to embrace change proactively, ensuring that you and all future members feel they are in the right place to contribute and receive the best opportunities.

I eagerly anticipate the day when we can discuss these matters face-to-face.

Until then, please accept my warmest regards.

The Board of Directors is constituted:

Mariano Barroso Flores

Honorary President of the Association

Miguel Ángel Romero Martín

Representing HRCS, as President of the Association

José Ángel Narváez Bueno

Representing of the University of Malaga, as Vice President of the Association

Martín Carrillo Carrillo

Representing Setesur, as Secretary General of the Association

Juan Ramón Cuadros Muñoz

Representing IM Wisdom, S.L, as Treasurer of the Association

Joaquín Segovia Alonso

Representing Telefónica de España S.A., as Member of the Association

Rafael Sánchez Durán

Representing Endesa S.A., as Member of the Association

Alberto García Casas

Representing Iberdrola Clientes S.A.U., as Member of the Association

Sergio González Fernández

Representing AENOR S.A., as Member of the Association

Natalia Pérez Pérez

Representing Málaga Tech Park, as Member of the Association

Andrés García Martín

Representing SIfdi S.L., as Member of the Association

Luis Iglesias García

Representing MSI Digital Builders, as Member of the Association

Ángeles Villaescusa Arreaza

Representing ESRI España, as Member of the Association

Marcos García Esteban

Representing Marketing Activo Inteligente S.L., as Member of the Association

Santiago Lucas Riado

Representing Grupo TOP Digital, as Member of the Association

Emilio Herrera Rebollo

Representing Cibernos Servicios S.A., as Member of the Association

Smart City Cluster is an alliance of private companies and institutions that work for the development of smart cities.