We manage
city projects

We manage city projects

Smart City Cluster works to identify opportunities through participation in possible consortiums and search for strategic partners for projects, as well as in the search for complementarities among Cluster members.


Cluster of innovative zero-km Agrofood Marketplace for Growth

Green Mind

Competitiveness and Innovation in the Green and Smart Mobility


Feasibility study for the application of the GWEET tool to new sectors


Car assisted with radar and camera intelligent sensors

Structuring and digital operation of photovoltaic projects

Development of a collaborative platform for the integral management of photovoltaic projects


Study, design and validation of a water recovery system in air conditioners for the improvement of the operation in cooling towers in consumer buildings

Smart Green Cube

Application of avant-garde technology for the production of indoor vegetables with vertical system in a sustainable way in an intelligent building

Smart e Building

Water and energy management web platform for buildings


Feasibility study for the integration of hydrogen technology as a solution for intermittent and renewable energy storage

Digital transformation of supplies market

Pilot test of the innovation project “Smart Market – sustainable and efficient markets integrated in Smart Cities”

Agile Business Platform

Development and validation of a technological platform for the management of projects and resources in SMEs and industrial MICROPYMES based on agile methodologies

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Smart City Cluster is an alliance of private companies and institutions that work for the development of smart cities.


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