Spain Joins European Venture to Attain Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Cities

Smart City Cluster, Spain’s sole representative amongst five other countries, partakes in the EU initiative aimed at lessening the climate impact in small and medium-sized European cities.

May 25, 2023

Six European Union (EU) nations are steering the SMC NetZero project, striving to equip small to medium-sized cities with the means to progress towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

The Spanish delegate, Smart City Cluster – an alliance of 230 pioneering entities dedicated to the evolution of smart cities – collaborates with counterparts from Germany, Croatia, the UK, Ireland, and Denmark. The objective is to enlighten European regions about accessible sustainability resources, the appropriate institutions to approach, existing best-practice guides (showcasing cities that have achieved significant milestones), and SMEs offering market solutions to mitigate climate impact.

Daniel González-Bootello, the Chief Executive of Smart City Cluster, stressed the urgency of this commitment. The Spanish economy emitted nearly 295 million tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2021, marking a 5.7% increase from 2020, as per the latest figures by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). “The aim is to pave ways for smaller cities to embrace sustainability. Often, they lack qualified resources and essential public support,” he stated.

The aforementioned project, with an 18-month timeline and a budget exceeding €400,000, kicked off by assessing the baseline situation across various European regions and identifying ongoing continental endeavours. Notably, Spain has outlined the strategy for regional studies, including existing projects, best practices, and tools. Over 50 interviews with SMEs and cities have been conducted to determine available EU sustainability resources. A comprehensive report detailing all findings is slated for release by the end of September.

“While more populous cities have accessed various programmes and networks to expedite their transition, smaller or medium-sized cities often lag behind. This is precisely why Spain has teamed up with experts across Europe, specifically addressing this issue and offering the necessary resources for decarbonisation,” González-Bootello concluded.

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