Science and Technology Park of Jaén, Geolit

Science and Technology Park of Jaén, Geolit

The Science and Technology Park of Jaén, Geolit, is the great commitment of the Diputación for sustainable development
from the province. The park has more than 70 companies and 660 professionals, with a strong presence of the agri-food and agro-industrial sectors, renewable energy and ICT consulting and development. A productive space where synergies and business opportunities are promoted, large companies living with SMEs and entrepreneurs, technology companies with industrial companies and all of them with knowledge agents where the most advanced R&D of Jaén is done.

Geolit is in charge of coordinating the Science – Technology and Business Forum working to boost innovation in the province and raise European funds from Jaén and the Jaén 2020 Commission, which for her.


Main Smart Cities services

Town planning

The quality of construction, low building density, large green areas and advanced technological and telecommunications infrastructure provide a differentiated and excellent environment for companies and workers, and an extra image for your business.

  • 274,000 m2, the urbanized space of the Park.

  • 93,000 m2, the space for business and technological use.

  • 1,500,000 m2, the total area of the enclosure, including agri-food experimentation facilities (IFAPA).


Everything you need for your business and the quality of life of Park workers. Common services, uncommon in most business parks:

  • Restoration
  • Public transport
  • Office
  • Financial
  • of maintenance
  • Vending
  • Post mail…

To be in Geolit is to work connected with the main technological and innovation agents in Jaén and Andalusia.

  • Information systems
  • Business cooperation
  • Soft landing
  • Events
  • Contact networks
  • Collaborations with technology centers
  • Management of incentives for R&D

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