Infrastructure monitoring circuit

This collaboration project between Métrica6, in consortium with universities and companies, deals with the development of a circuit to monitor the structural health of large infrastructure such as dams, viaducts, tunnels, etc. The parameters measured, such as ambient temperature, relative humidity, vibrations and accelerations, appearance of visible marks, deformations, among others, allow the technicians in charge of maintaining said infrastructure to be checked, the general condition in which they are located, and power take real-time corrective or preventive measures based on real data. The electronic design is carried out based on a basic scheme provided by the consortium, from which the entire calculation of new components, PCB design, assembly and testing of prototypes in the laboratory will be developed. With this new design, the functional tests can now be moved to a real environment with which to be able to collect results in order to validate the design.

Métrica 6


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