SMART GREEN CUBE – Application of avant-garde technology to produce indoor vegetables with vertical system in a sustainable way in an intelligent building


Programa de apoyo a las Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras (AEI) 2018


7 months (07/09/2018 – 31/03/2019)


  • Smart City Cluster
  • Bioazul S.L.
  • Desarrolla Consultores de Investigación y Cálculo S.L.

Project Budget:
57.028,00 €

Grant awarded:
39.919,00 €


Description and Objectives:

Carrying out a technical-economic feasibility study of an intelligent building under the concepts of Smart agro / Smart City for the subsequent development and placing on the market of an indoor crop structure for its architectural integration in urban spaces. It is an objective with an ambitious commercial nature, since in addition to the technological and innovative challenge of setting up the system, it will mean the opening of a market segment as a commercial activity in Spain that would increase competitiveness for companies AEI Smart City Cluster.


The results have shown that the project is a viable technique, that is, it is possible to generate enough clean energy in the skin of a building for the production of vegetable and vegetable crops in its interior thanks to the control of light, weather conditions and water. To the above, we must add the immense benefits of producing indoor in our cities thanks to these buildings:

  • · Environmental: “Km 0” production implies a drastic reduction in the carbon footprint.
  • · Social: contribution of variable qualification jobs in different areas of the city enriching it.

At the moment, work is being carried out together with the BATCh Architecture Studio in the Smart Green Cube 2.0 project, the second iteration of the project in which the purely theoretical dimension of 1.0 (SMART GREEN CUBE Project object of the application) has been passed to the implementation on a defined plot within the Almería Technology Park, in accordance with all local, regional and national regulations


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