Structuring and digital operation of photovoltaic projects


Programa de apoyo a las Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras (AEI) 2018


7 months (07/09/2018 – 31/03/2019)


  • Smart City Cluster

  • Bettergy S.L.

  • Sinapse energía S.L

Project Budget:
171.107,00 €

Grant awarded:
85.553,00 €


Description and Objectives:

Development of a collaborative platform for the integral management of photovoltaic projects in the industrial field under the format of energy services.

The development of a photovoltaic project for an industrial client is a complex contract, tailored to said client, while it is necessary to carry out a precise clause of the eventual risks of the project. In summary, this contract obliges a party, the industrial customer to buy an amount of energy for a period of time, and the investor to deliver said energy.

The development of a project with these characteristics entails the execution of different contracts, in which different participating companies are coordinated: Industrial client, promoter or investor, engineering, construction, maintenance company, under the direct supervision of the investor, the owner of the plant or consulting firm.

The platform will provide management support to the different contracts that articulate the construction, commissioning and operation of a photovoltaic project on an industrial roof, and in particular to the extent and verification of savings and periodic payments to be made by the developer or plant investor and customer who owns the industrial roof.


Design and development of a collaborative platform for the structuring and digital operation of photovoltaic projects in energy services format. This platform has a management software that offers the maximum technical, financial and legal guarantees of the project contracted to all the parties, facilitating the coordination of all the activities between the participating companies and guaranteeing the traceability of said activities. The platform allows an integrated management among all the actors of a project of these characteristics: Industrial Client, Investor, Engineering, Builder and Maintainer with the objective of minimizing budgetary deviations in the project through optimal predictive and corrective maintenance.

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