Ingenia launches the eCALLER Epidemics app for the fight against COVID-19

eCALLER Epidemics was born as a tool to help decongest emergency call centers and monitor patients with coronavirus

06 Apr 2020

The product is called eCALLER Epidemics, and has been conceived since its inception as a free software project, with the aim of putting in the hands of the community a tool that enables health agencies in Spain or any country to deploy in a very short time Brief a solution that will help decongest the emergency call centers and, on the other hand, allow monitoring of patients with coronavirus.

The role of ICT in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is being decisive. Telecommunications and, above all, applications, are clearly helping to control the epidemic, as it has visibly manifested itself in countries such as South Korea or Japan. In Spain, different health administrations are building time trial applications and making them available to citizens and health professionals. In this context, Ingenia releases Epidemics eCALLER to accelerate the deployment processes, facilitating the adaptation of the software to your needs.

eCALLER Epidemics consists of 2 applications:

A mobile application from which citizens can perform triage (configurable) to discern whether they are allegedly affected by the coronavirus and from which they can access recommendations and protocols on the disease. The app, developed for Android, is available on Google Play.

On the other hand, the system is made up of a web application from which cases and the information received from the mobile application can be tracked, as well as their visualization. From this web application you can also design the triage to be shown to citizens on the mobile, allowing it to be customized to the needs of each country or region.

eCaller Epidemics has been developed under the GNU GPL 3.0 license ( and is available for download on Github (

Technologies applied to develop eCALLER Epidemics

For the development of the app, different technologies have been used such as Webview and Vue.js for the frontend, as well as an API Rest for communication with the server.

The web application has been developed with Vue.js, Apache eCharts and Google Maps and makes use of the Ngix and node.js servers, if as PostgreSql for data storage.

To facilitate deployment and scalability, Ingenia recommends its installation in the Amazon cloud, which allows the use of technologies such as AWS Elastic Beanstalk ( and Docker (https: //

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