Envac Iberia: “Spain has almost 30 years of progress in the incorporation of clean waste collection technologies”

César Moráis, commercial director of Envac Iberia, assures at the Invest in Cities summit that there are currently 44 cities in the world that have opted for pneumatic collection as a preferred infrastructure

13 Dec 2019

Envac Iberia believes that Spain is very well positioned to lead the clean collection of urban waste in Europe and adapt to the requirements of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development in the field of city management.

The commercial director of the company, César Moráis, participant today in Madrid at the Invest in Cities summit, which has brought together responsible for 20 Spanish municipalities and various investors to explore future possibilities for collaboration in development projects, has ensured that “Spain has almost 30 years ahead of other countries in our environment in the incorporation of clean waste collection technologies, such as pneumatic systems ”. “In Spain alone,” he added, “there are currently more than 60 facilities in operation in 25 cities, some of which have been awarded globally for the environmental management carried out in them.”

César Moráis has stressed that pneumatic waste collection systems “are a mature technology, sufficiently proven, that also adapts naturally to the new paradigm of smart cities with innovations related to Artificial Intelligence that will report many advantages of management and efficiency to citizens and administrations”. He pointed out in this regard that the city model that we will see gradually implemented will be one that ensures, through the use of technologies, a pure environment that is efficient and adapts to the needs of citizens and reports self-knowledge to improve benefits.

Paradigm shift in waste collection

Although at the moment the transport of urban waste continues being done by trucks in numerous cities, César Moráis believes that there are very solid indications that point to a paradigm shift in this field.

“It is significant that there are currently 44 cities in the world, some of them as important as Stockholm, Copenhagen or Singapore, all of them very technologically advanced and environmentally friendly, which have opted for pneumatic collection as a preferred infrastructure for collecting waste, ”he explained.

In relation to this aspect, he cited the examples in Spain of cities such as Barcelona, ​​which has a pneumatic collection master plan, or Majadahonda, which currently offers coverage with these systems to more than 70% of its population, ”he added.

Invest in Cities is a meeting between Local Administrations and investors to publicize the most relevant projects that are currently planned in the cities and that require the competition of investors and companies.

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