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The batch architecture studio is organized into 3 Business Units, with different objectives, budgets and resources. In Smart City, its strength is the Integrated Design Process that brings together all the facets of the Smart project. They also develop the specific part of architecture with energy modeling, intelligent buildings, sustainable and flexible uses. Its other two Business Units focus on serving large consultants (U.N. Processes) and the exhibition and Retail sector (U.N. Sabbatical).


Main Smart Cities services

Integrated Design Process

They always seek to give a “Business layer” to their orders. In their orientation towards the smart city, they bring together all the slopes that affect the Smart project: climate engineering with energy modeling, facilities, urban integration and smart buildings.

His work as orchestra conductors implies the coordination of all these factors starting with an audit if one acts on built assets or a feasibility study for new construction. In this way they offer advantages for the client (Proffit), for the citizen and user (People) and for the environment (Planet). In particular, energy modeling allows them to know the impact of each project decision on the energy performance of the building and the neighborhood. The key magnitude here is the annual demand in Kilowatt / hour per square meter.

Smart buildings

In all their projects they find a powerful concept as a thread and enrich it by making their buildings intelligent. They measure the “intelligence” of a building based on its ability to adapt to changing demands and improve its performance. How do they get smart buildings? With the design of flexible spaces they allow the adaptability of their uses.

With the installation of sensors and the management of the data they offer, they can measure, analyze and correct their behavior. With passive design and energy modeling, they start from excellent environmental performance and can make decisions for further improvement. The role of BIM technology is essential in the construction, construction and management of the building. In the analysis for the correct decision making the platforms in the cloud are fundamental.

Ephemeral sustainable architecture

They reduce the impact on the environment of the corporate events industry, developing strategies and projects based on the Reuse-Recycling-Reduction logic.

Design of reusable furniture systems for the exhibition sector. The ability to use elements in different projects is key to success in this sector. They have developed a new system for injected plastic elements and 3D printing whose appearance can be as good as the client’s needs and be reused as many times as the builder needs.

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