Health Technology Park (PTS)

About Health Technology Park (PTS)

The Health Technology Park (PTS) of Granada is an enclosure where infrastructure and services are developed suitable for the general objectives that it aims to be: a space of teaching, healthcare, research and business excellence, specialized in life sciences; and to generate a brand image ‘Granada SALUD’, with a national and international impact.

It is the first technological space specialized sectorially in life and health sciences, and on its 625,000 m2 a maximum buildable of 388,000 m2 materializes, divided into four uses: Teaching, Health, Business and Research.

The institution responsible for carrying out its development and maintenance is the Andalusian Public Foundation Health Technology Park of Granada, under the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Business and University of the Junta de Andalucía.


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Research and Technology transfer model

The PTS Granada is a transfer model of Research and Basic-Clinical Technology in the area of health and biomedicine that contributes to the economic development of Andalusia through:

  • The promotion of interdisciplinary research in biomedicine at the international level for the advancement of health through understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure and disease prevention.
  • The protection and transfer of knowledge generated especially in the area of health and biomedicine.
  • The consolidation of a technology-based biosanitary business fabric at the service of clinical practice.
  • The management of a node of healthcare excellence that responds to the health needs of the patient.
  • The creation of the necessary infrastructure opportunities for the creation of companies in the biotechnology and ICT sector, especially in the eHealth, bioinformatics and disruptive sectors of the sector.

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