MOUSE TRUCK is the narrowest truck on the market, its 1.20 m allows you to park in a double row without causing traffic jams and be very agile in traffic between other vehicles. It has a cabin for 2 people, which will be a tractor unit that added to a semi-trailer only 4.80 m long allows you to transport 6 Europalet on two floors.

MOUSE TRUCK measures only 2.40 m high, because its bat is only 0.40 cm from the ground which gives it enormous stability by having a very low center of gravity, aided by the placement of all the batteries under that sandwich bat, but the more importantly, the distributors would have the load at their fingertips without having to get on the cargo bat, with the enormous benefit in times, effort and occupational risks that avoids the continuous ups and downs of the dealers.

MOUSE TRUCK also has a removable battery system and download rack, which gives it unlimited autonomy.

MOUSE TRUCK was designed from the beginning to be an autonomous vehicle, equipped with an ADAS system, provided by the company Xesol Innovations, with which we have a collaboration agreement in R + D + I. It is also equipped with a suspended particle aspiration system, which by means of an electro-filter system retains carbon particles suspended in the air, thrown by combustion vehicles.

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