KGEA-AF (LR) series of emitting magnetic antenna

PREMO, the world leader in inductive components, presents the series of long-range transmitting antennas, providing up to 5 times more of the H field compared to standard antennas and up to 2.5 times those of medium range. The vast majority of LF antennas on the market have between 70-80mm for standard emission range, 150-170mm for medium-range, 250-350mm for long range (ALMATM core).

A research team led by the expert in magnetism Doctor Manuel Vázquez, Director of the “Nano-Magnetism and Magnetization processes” group in Madrid (CSIC: Higher Council for Scientific Research), together with UC3M (Carlos 3 Madrid University) and The innovation center of Málaga de Premo, has developed a technology for electromagnetic transmitting antennas between 20kHz and 134kHz that eliminates the conventional problems of ferrites, fragility, breakage and not being able to manufacture them with a high L / D aspect ratio. After 3 years of work and with a budget of € 1 Million in a research project granted by the CDTI (Center for Technological and Industrial Development).
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