3DPowerTM technology for inductive components

PREMO presents a revolutionary concept in the integration of magnetic power for conventional magnetic components of On-board chargers and DC / DC converters of Electric Vehicles.

The maximum power density is achieved by reducing the size and increasing the power density with the most advanced thermal conductive materials. The designs are fully adaptable to the
customer requirements the 3DPowerTM Pot-Core uses a Pot-Core core where 2 inductive components are integrated into one. One is located in the same Pot-Core and the other outside the Pot-Core, as if it were a toroid.

This product allows us to solve an engineering challenge in the integration of magnetic: in this case it consists of a choke and a transformer. Unlike other magnetic integration technologies, both components share the same core volume in the 3DPowerTM. In this way, the magnetic field of one component is perpendicular to the other, resulting in two independent and totally decoupled magnetic elements.

PREMO, you can supply fully customized 3DPowerTM. However, due to its geometry, the two main applications are Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge and LLC DCDC converters. The output power is in the range of 1kW up to 11 kW, but higher powers can be achieved on demand.



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