About Softcrits

Softcrits is a technology company dedicated to the analysis, design, development and maintenance of software technologies mainly applied to complex systems based on the use of embedded elements, computer networks and monitoring devices.


Main Smart Cities services

Smart irrigation system It monitors the environmental conditions of a green zone so that this data is available to the users of the system and the status of that zone can be known in real time, on the other hand, it performs a series of calculations based on the collected environmental data and efficiently manage irrigation so that the state of the green zone and the amount of water used are optimized.

Likewise, Softcrits, due to Softgreen’s own development, has been selected by the AEN / CTN 178 Intelligent Cities Technical Standardization Committee as coordinator of the draft of the Parks and Gardens Intelligent Irrigation System Standard. In addition, Softgreen is a certified system within the Urban Lab of Málaga Valley as a product for Smart City initiatives.

Wireless sensor networks
The wide range of applications of wireless sensor networks has made it possible, along with its increasingly low cost, that this technology is present in our lives. Softcrits offers custom applications for the various fields applicable to wireless sensor networks. They provide a global solution, including from physical sensors to the necessary control or monitoring software. Some of these applications involve the monitoring of structures, environmental monitoring in industrial environments, precision agriculture, monitoring of sanitary environments, etc.
System that allows the management of deposits and the monitoring of drinking water.
Control and inspection in critical facilities

Softcrits, due to the deep and continuous knowledge in the development of systems for the control and inspection of critical installations, implements projects on industrial processes developing:
– Inspection systems through artificial vision.
– Ultrasound inspection systems for aeronautical components

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