Design a system for tracking and traceability of orders in pharmaceutical logistics

The main objective was to look for a tool that would allow to obtain a better assurance of the quality of the shipment of the orders, and thus reduce the number of claims of the clients (pharmacies).

The project was developed in collaboration with Cofaran (now Bidafarma), which raised the possibility of monitoring the filling of the cuvettes by means of photography, which would allow them to visually identify the medicines collected in each order.

The result of the project was the Neptune System, a system that reinforces the quality of the shipment through photography and video, allowing our client to have a tool to contrast and verify each claim received.

The System associates the code of the bucket, with the order number and with the photographs and / or videos taken throughout the production process, and that the client can consult through the Neptune platform installed on his server and integrated with your ERP.

Currently, they have more than 90 equipment installed throughout Spain, and are in more than 25 customer stores such as Bidafarma, Fedefarma and Alliance Healthcare.



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