Last Mile Team wins 2021 Spanish National Mobility Award

Last Mile Team announced today that its Last Mile Digital Platform© is the winner of the first Spanish National Mobility Award in the Product category, as a solution that helps generate results with positive impacts in the short, medium and long term.

6 May 2021

We are honored to receive this award, that we take as a recognition of like-minded individuals and enterprises who promote sustainable people and goods mobility and are committed to contribute to Agenda 2030 objectives” said Angel Batalla, the startup founder and CEO.

Their product solves the last mile conundrum, at large scale. Improves cities liveability and fosters goods road transport digital and green transitions to achieve Green Deal and U.N. Sustainable Development Goals objectives.

The Last Mile Digital Platform© products portfolio enable cities and companies to build, evaluate, select and put into daily operation Digital Twins of fairer, smarter and greener urban logistics and last mile delivery business models. Innovative models that achieve impactful results balancing all stakeholders’ interests, customers convenience and competitive dynamics, minimizing disruption and improving the Triple Bottom Line.

The National Mobility Awards are supported by the  Spanish Ministry of Transport, , Mobility and Urban Agenda, CONAMA Foundation and the Royal Academy of Engineering. The Enterprises for Sustainable Mobility cluster acts as organizer and technical secretary. The awards seek to distinguish good practices and initiatives in people and goods mobility, both from the public and private sectors. Its objectives are to make successful cases visible, to value the organizations that are leading the change and to facilitate a dynamization of the best solutions.


About Last Mile Team

Last Mile Team is an Artificial Intelligence-based, tech-intensive, innovative-accredited Spanish startup.

Founded in 2016, by a core team of age, gender, culture and background diverse people with a great deal of experience and deep knowledge in their respective fields of expertise. The startup has developed proprietary, IP-registered digital solutions that reduce congestion and emissions over 30% and costs over 25%, with current vehicle fleets.

They were named the most innovative Mobility Startup at #innovateagainstthevirus 2020, are a European Institute of Innovation and Technology Urban Mobility portfolio company since December 2020, an Innovative Technology-Based Enterprise officially accredited in February 2021.

They are partners of the Horizon 2020 funded LEAD project that will create Digital Twins of urban logistics networks in six European cities, to test and represent different innovative solutions for city logistics, to address the requirements of the on-demand economy while aligning competing interests and creating value for all different stakeholders.

Their Last Mile Digital Platform© is validated by Microsoft and Honeywell as a Delivery Logistics Platform line-of-business application suitable for Corporates and Enterprises.

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