Smart City Cluster collaborates as a member of the DES advisory board

How will the new mobility formats influence the way we interact? Cities and territories are entering a new phase where the limits we were accustomed to are blurring. The transition towards a new model, more aware of the challenges of sustainability, integration, and accessibility, requires a broad view that considers everyone’s perspectives.


May 29, 2024

With this perspective, the eMobility and Smart City session was proposed during the second day of the DES, which is held from June 11 to 13 at FYCMA, Málaga.

Smart City Cluster has collaborated as a member of the DES advisory board since the beginning of this new edition, and as co-hosts of a session led by our general director, Daniel González Bootello, alongside José Ramón (Jota) Sierra, and featuring prominent speakers such as José Ignacio Rexach (eHang), Lourdes González (ONCE Foundation), Moein Nodehl (Biotonomy), Sergio Díez (Moven), Antonio de Dios (Hospital Quirón de Marbella), and Professor José Antonio Ondiviela, among other experts and executives from leading companies in the sector.

You can find more information on the event’s website, which will be updated as we enter the final stretch.

Know the advantages of being associated

Smart City Cluster enhances collaboration among its partners, favoring research, development and innovation in the different solutions and technologies aimed at the development of smart cities.

Smart City Cluster is an alliance of private companies and institutions that work for the development of smart cities.

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