The WineGRover project is presented at Transfiere and synergies with other projects emerge

On 16 February, the Life+ WineGRover project was presented at Transfiere, the European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, which favoured the generation of synergies with other projects with similar objectives.

03 de marzo de 2023

The WineGRover project, which started in September 2020, aims to introduce novel technologies for precision agriculture in vineyards and their validation in two pilots, one located in Italy (Familglia Cottarella) and the other in Spain (Bodega Conrad, Ronda). The ultimate goal is to reduce the environmental impact of this type of crop through better use of pesticides, fertilisers, water and fuel consumption, as well as reducing emissions of CO2, ammonia, PM and
the risk of eutrophication.

The Transfiere event, a multidisciplinary R&D&I forum that is a benchmark in southern Europe, brings together every year numerous entities interested in innovation in different fields. Taking advantage of its presence at the event, the Smart City Cluster has established new contacts with entities and projects dedicated to precision agriculture with similar objectives to those of the WineGRover project.

Specifically, during the event, information was exchanged with representatives of the FlexiGroBots project , an H2020 project coordinated by the company ATOS, whose technical coordinator is the Artificial Perception Group of the CSIC. The aim of the project is to develop flexible robots for intelligent automation in precision agriculture operations.

Given the similarities with the WineGRover project, which includes several phases involving the installation of sensors to collect real-time data from the vineyards, the development of an IoT management platform for its processing and finally the use of a drone and rover that, based on the data provided by the platform, act on the vineyard to act depending on the circumstances, it is expected that synergies and opportunities for collaboration will arise between the teams developing both projects.


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