LifeWineGrover Initiative Showcased to Spanish Mobility and Sustainability Sectors at Greencities​

The advancements of the European project, WineGRover, under the aegis of the European Union's Life Programme and in association with the Smart City Cluster, have been comprehensively presented at Greencities – Spain's leading event for the mobility and sustainability sectors.

30 de septiembre 2023

The event was hosted over two days, the 20th and 21st of September 2023, at the Malaga Trade Fair and Congress Centre (Fycma). It witnessed the participation of over 50 public administrations and 250 companies from across the nation.

Among the activities planned by the Smart City Cluster to acquaint attendees with the project's progress was a notable panel discussion led by the cluster's
Project Director, Clara Plata. She elucidated the project's objectives which include reducing the usage of pesticides by up to 85%, fungicides by 30%, and
water consumption by a staggering 90%. In alignment with European climate goals, the project aims for a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions per tonne of harvested grape and anticipates cost savings in production ranging between 20% to 30%.

Throughout Greencities, several meetings were held with businesses at the Smart City Cluster stall, highlighting the merits of precision agriculture in favour
of sustainability.

The two-day fair also served as an official introduction of WineGrover to attendees. Following a presentation on the overarching themes of the European
project, attendees' queries regarding the natural advancements brought about by precision agriculture were addressed. During this session, the contents of
the "After LIFE Plan" were unveiled, outlining the communication actions to be undertaken upon project completion, ensuring the longevity and maximised
impact of the investments made during the project's tenure.

Conclusively, the “Report on the State of the Art of Precision Agriculture Technologies" was launched. This comprehensive study offers an overview of
precision agriculture in Europe, touching not only on the technological advancements but also delving into the legal, social, and ethical facets. Furthermore, the report encapsulates an analysis of the viticultural sector in both Spain and China.


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