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About Métrica 6

Métrica6 is an R + D + i company whose mission is to make innovation the standard on which companies base their growth or competitiveness. They offer an R&D service based on the sustainability, economy and functionality of the solutions adopted. They also want to serve as a guide for all those people and Administrations with a good idea but without the technical or business knowledge necessary to carry them out, because they think that innovation must be accessible to everyone.


Main Smart Cities services

Electronic design and programming
They study and manufacture electronic circuits for any application, including firmware, complementary to the electronics designed or for other purposes.
Mechanical calculation and aesthetic design
They create a product according to the wishes of their customers and their end users, combining functionality, economy and quality so that your brand is remembered.
Manufacturing engineering
The plans of production and industrial organization and together with the assembly of systems in its facilities, allow to close the circle of the creation of a new product, from prototyping to industrial scaling.
Business development
They carry out market studies, define marketing and media strategies, manage grants and subsidies so that financing your idea is simpler or they advise you with their technical consulting.
Smart Cities, H2020 and other projects
They work individually or in consortium on national and international development projects such as engineering specialized in innovation oriented to Smart City, sustainability or construction, among other fields.
Design and corporate image
They develop a brand image or update the current one with their graphic design service that includes among other creations: logos, business cards, corporate stationery, catalogues, dossiers, brochures, leaflets or websites among others.
Water is one of the most important natural resources for humanity. Its good use and conservation are perhaps the greatest challenge of society of the new century. Therefore Métrica6 creates NESS technology, which aims to take hot water from the installed heater to the room where it will be used, without wasting a single drop. This technology is formed by at least three independent modules, which communicate wirelessly: a Power Module, a Bypass Module and an Activation Module.

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