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PREMO is the world leader in the manufacture of electro-magnetic 3D sensors for the technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution: RFID, M2M, IoT, VR / AR / MR and automotive applications such as KES, TPMS and immobilizers, where it has a market share 56% PREMO has applied internationalization based on innovation as a central strategy of its activity, which has allowed it to compete in the global market and become a leader in its sector. It has as clients some of the most important suppliers of automotive systems (Valeo, Continental, Lear, Delphi) and leading innovation companies in Silicon Valley (Amazon, Tesla, Google, Microsoft).


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It is a 3Dcoil isotropic magnetic sensor. It is three orthogonally wound inductors on a monolithic ferromagnetic core. Its main application is as a receiving antenna and wake-up for vehicles with passive access system. Normally located in the opening command of the vehicle. The configuration allows 3 components to be integrated into one. Each of the windings receives a space signal, allowing to receive in some of them the maximum signal for any orientation of the command.

Min dimensions 13 × 11.6 × 3.45 mm; Very good electrical characteristics; High temperature stability (-40 oC to +85 oC); The induction in each axis can be adapted to the client’s requirements; Designed for low frequencies (20-150kHz); Very high sensitivity values.

Low frequency transmitter antenna that allows the driver to access without his intervention. It is integrated into the vehicle, into the access and hands-free subsystem for passive and remote keyless entry requirements. The plastic housing resists conditions of humidity, liquids, substances and extreme environments. The connector is optional and can be customized for the required features.

Low frequency transmitter (125 kHz, 20 kHz and 134 kHz); High thermal stability (-40oC to + 85oC); Ideal for passive entry systems to vehicles; External connector to the whole System; Low tolerance in the LC resonance frequency; Long reading distance with 4-8App; Strong and easy to assemble fastening systems providing great mechanical robustness; Customized CSF on demand.

The DC / DC power module is used to power all electronic components present in the vehicle where the high voltage of the batteries (200-450V) is converted to 12-14V low voltage (10-16V in extended range). It is usually designed around a ZVS full-bridge topology.

The power range depends on the size of the vehicle and its energy needs. It can vary between 1.6kW for small electric cars up to 3-4kW for medium / large cars such as sedan, SUVs. In addition, an electrical insulation system is mandatory. The working frequency is normally set between 70 and 150kHz. Recommended output inductor 1μH / 180Adc; Material UL94 and RoHS (F / 155 ° C); Design based on AEC-Q200; Weight 350g approx .; 3kw ZVS Phase-shift Full-bridge transformer; Inductor ZVS 14μH / 14Apk.

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