3rd Workshop ON NBS for water management

Bioazul, as the ambassador of the community “NBS for Water Management” within the Connecting Nature Enterprise Platform, organizes the third workshop titled “Benefits and opportunities for nature-based enterprises participating in EU-funded projects” which will take place on February 23rd from 16:00H to 17:00H (CET) via Zoom.

9 Feb 2022

In the next workshop of the NBS for water management community, we have invited three innovative and successful members to share their experience on international and cooperation programmes.

The three outstanding speakers from Alchemia Nova (Austria), Institute REVIVO (Slovenia) and EcoBIRD (France) will present their role in several projects on nature-based solutions and water management, while pointing out the added value from their participation (e.g., science, networking, funding, etc.).

Join for a lively webinar and don’t hesitate to pose any questions to the panelists:

  • Alain Petitjean, PhD Research Associate EcoBIRD
  • Marco Hartle, PhD Ecological Engineer Alchemia Nova
  • Polona Pengal, PhD Co-founder and Scientific Director Institute REVIVO


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