Wellness Telecom is now Wellness TechGroup

The Andalusian technology company completes its rebranding project after a decade since its foundation.

Jul 16, 2019

Wellness Telecom announces a name change and a graphic restyling of its visual identity. After almost 11 years in its sector, the Andalusian company based in Seville has decided to update its commercial brand. The bet, more continuous than rupturist, aims to take advantage of the many references and positioning that Wellness Telecom has achieved in its market throughout these years. For this reason and based on the word that remains part of its DNA and for which it is recognized, “Wellness”, has chosen to change its last name, from Telecom to TechGroup.

The meeting point of the activity carried out is still based on technology, but on the other hand the company has found it necessary to communicate to the market that it is in a stage of maturity with a workforce that already reaches 130 employees, which more than 400 Cities already enjoy their intelligent solutions and more than 100 private companies have embarked on their path to digital transformation with Wellness. In addition to this, for two years they have been accompanied as an investment partner by the Indian company Enzen, which has facilitated international expansion, a challenge in which the company is immersed today.

This new naming is the tip of the iceberg of rebranding, which will affect all dimensions of the company and will be accompanied by a new visual identity and a new company philosophy.

Accompanying naming, the motto TOUCH THE FUTURE has also been created: an inspiring concept that positions Wellness TechGroup in another conceptual level of company, and which aims to evoke aspirations as a business partner of Andalusian technology, in a changing scenario full of challenges That are yet to come.

New website

The company launches a new website with updated and organized content according to its new offer to the market that can be visited at: www.wellnesstg.com

New company philosophy

Fruit of this new stage and the transformation process that they have experienced in recent years, Wellness TechGroup has redefined its fundamental pillars with a new mission, vision and values that can be consulted here.

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